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Facebook Impersonation


A funny thing happened to me the other day.. my friend called me saying that a girl called “S.M” is impersonating me.. I was like “what?!! I don’t understand?!” she explained that this girl sent her and her husband a friend request on facebook using the name “S.M” but putting my picture as her profile picture!!

I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt..

My friend on the other hand went crazy, saying that its not funny and that she can be misusing it.. I told her she might have thought my picture was for a celebrity or something 😉 of course that made her go nuts..

The thing is that my whole profile is blocked, even to some of my friends, the only people who can view my wall and my albums are my close friends and family.. And the only things that a stranger can view are my name and my profile picture.. and that is what she copied..

At first I thought of doing nothing, but then my friend convinced me of reporting her to the facebook.. and so I did… here is what I received:

Hi N,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. After reviewing the reported abuse, we have removed all offending content per our Terms of Use. Please let us know if you need anything further assistance.

Thanks for contacting Facebook, 


Customer Support Representative


So I thought that they might have removed the picture but it seems they have deleted her whole profile!!!!  

I was impressed J Thank you facebook..

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I went yesterday to watch The Axis of Evil comedy on tour.. It’s a stand up comedy consisting of 3 Muslim guys, an Egyptian, a Palestinian, and an Iranian. I have to say they are hilarious.. They made subjects such as war and terrorism so funny you explode in laughter. They even told us some funny stories about their trip to Petra and their lunch experience at Hashem- down town..


Even His Majesty and Her Majesty along with some members of the Royal Family attended.. they could not stop laughing..

I was very proud to know that they based their Middle East tour on an invitation that was sent to them from Jordan and specifically from His Majesty complimenting them on their work and wishing them good luck.. They were very touched and very thankful for such a gesture.. and the funny part was how petrified they felt when they saw the Royal Family, they even made jokes about it..

The only problem of course was the attendees.. People were so drunk to the extend that 3 tuwash occurred at the end.. A girl actually fell off her chair and couldn’t get up people had to help her… Why?? Seriously.. Why cant we be civilized people? Why cant we have fun and enjoy something and leave with no regrets? Why cant we control out liquor and not cause such scenes in front of the Royal Family and in front of these guests who their main aim is to change the negative image of the Arabs in the West.. Aren’t we just proving them wrong???   

Nevertheless, I am very proud that Jordan is finally opening up to such things and hoping for much more to come..   

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Blocked or Unblocked?

I really don’t know how to describe my emotions these days… I am so down and frustrated.. People around me are blaming me for leaving my X and I am still in need of support and not blame..

I know it was not meant to be but you cant stop your self from being sad.. I cant stand “Why N, you were so cute together, we did not think that any couple will be perfect as you too”…

I mean do you really think that I wanted that to happen??!!! Do you really think that I did not want him to be the one and for things to work out??!!! He was everything I ever wanted in a guy, he was polite, educated, good looking, and financially stable, but IT JUST DID NOT WORK OUT!!!

I remembered Qwaider telling me that I may have been selfish, so I gave him a chance, after one month of blocking him I unblocked him, he did not say anything for 4 days and then he talked to me… he asked how have I been and talked to me about his work and what he has been up to.. a couple of times later I talked to him, we see each other on line everyday but we talk to each other twice every 2 weeks… and it hurts when we both are online and do not talk..

We never talked about what happened and I never ask.. I think if he wanted to explain or if he wanted to make things right then he would have… so I think maybe unblocking him was a bad thing, I am just putting my hopes on something that has already finished… so I am thinking on blocking him again and move on.. I mean I have moved on.. I think.. but talking to him is pulling me back..

People say that guys react different than girls, and by talking to me he is telling me that he still wants me in his life. After a year and a half together I have realized that he is not the guy that would express his feelings easily, but I don’t want to keep my hopes high..

He does not call or even message me on my mobile, he sent me messages on facebook on my birthday, Ramadan, and eid, I think that should tell me something..

Shall I block him or keep him unblocked and see what will happen?

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I work as a Senior Communications officer at a Strategic Consulting Company.. We are an outsourced agency that offers Marketing & PR strategic plans.. one of my best friends was working for them and she recommended me for this job.. I have been working here for 3 years.. I love my job and I love my colleagues and boss. We are a small company therefore we treat each other like family and that’s what I love the most since we do spend more time at work that at our houses or with our friends… 

We tell each other some of our secrets, we go out for coffees, shopping, or dinners even if we spend most of the day time together, and we are sure that no one will backstab or badmouth any of us.. that includes our boss.. he and his wife are very nice people, young and outgoing, and invites us to their place for parties all the time and treats us as if we are their little sisters.  

My only problem is my salary.. I have accepted working for this company with the same salary that I was taking from my previous as they explained that this is the range that the other employees are getting and it is not fair to them but that they will raise my salary as soon as they can.. I respected that..  But now after 6 years of experience (3 in my previous and 3 with this one) I got raised 142 Jds only.. I don’t think that is fair.. I even got promoted from Junior to Senior and I was only raised by 142 Jds…  

A couple of months ago I wanted to check if this is really what I should be getting so I sent out my CV to a couple of companies and went to some interviews, they offered me not double but triple my salary!!! Yes triple!!!  I don’t want to quit my job therefore I told my boss that my salary is really depressing me especially when I see much younger people receiving much more that I get.. He promised that he will raise it by the end of the year… I shall wait and see..  

But the thing is I really want to do something on the side.. ain an extra couple of hundred on my own.. but unfortunately I do not have any personal skills.. I am not a writer, copywriter, a designer, or have any skills that I can use to do something on my free time.. I have worked in an event management company and now in Marketing, both require full time and not part time jobs.. and the problem is I work from 9 till 6 so I don’t have the time to work at any company..  I have to work as a free lancer.. but a free lancer to what?!! 

Can I take any courses that will help? And what kind of courses?  

I am lost…

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