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Sometimes when I read some blogs I read some comments saying that they do not believe that their stories are true.

So what? I dont know any of the bloggers personally and I dont care if their stories are true or just lies..

I read them to get entertained, whether they are funny or sad or if I got touched by the stories or not, its how it affects you that matters, why would I care if the writer is lying?

I would definetly care if its something important like the great lie about the previous “not happening” snow storm, i would care if its a political or national story, but if it was a personal story and as long as they dont mention names then its up to them to write the stories that they want..

Everyone has a reason for starting their blogs, so maybe they started it because they want to live in their own made up fantacy world.. why should we care?

If you like their stories keep reading, and if you dont then stop..

It doesnt really metter…  

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Can someone tell me please how to stop receiving these ******* advertising SMSs???!!!

They are driving me crazy… I receive them every 5 minutes, and it gets worse on holidays or sale period..

There is no more privacy…

I dont mind giving the shop that I regularly buy from my number to send me messages when they have new arrivals or sales… these are the messages that I want to receive, but i really dont care about the rest.. so PLEASE PLEASE stop it..

I thought Zain buying Fastlink will improve their services.. it didnt.. I am receving their services’ messages at 1:30 and 7:30 AM its driving me crazy…. what the hell…

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About friendship…

I beleive that you are born having the family that you have and you cant change anything about it, but through life you get to pick your friends, so why do you keep friends that you don’t like?

I have this friend that I have known for more than 15 years, we were never too close until we worked together for the same company, and then I found out that I cannot stand her.

She likes to be the center of attention, and I am fine with that.. she likes to know everyone and everything about everyone while I don’t really care.. All she wanted was to be our boss’s right hand, and when she came to me for help on some of the matters that she did not know how to do, I used to help her even if she told our boss that she did it..

But then she decided that she wanted to have a part in my personal life as well, and no matter how close my friend is I would never allow them to intrude on my personal life unless I want them to..

I was going out with a guy that lived in Dubai, when she went for a business trip there, and when she called him to go out for coffee I couldn’t say anything as he was our friend before I started seeing him.. but when she came back she asked all my girlfriends to come over and told them that he told her that he does not like me and that there is nothing serious between us and that I might have misunderstood him..

Although I blamed her for not coming to me and telling my friends instead I never thought she might be lying so I immediately broke up with him.. with time I have noticed that she keeps talking to him and chatting with him on MSN, and each time I enter her office she minimizes the screen but I know that its him, and what made it worse is when my ex called and told me what she said about me.

I decided to quit my job and kick her out of my life, and I did.. I got myself a new job and tried my best not to attend the gatherings that she might be in.. I was shocked when she called me one day and asked to go out for coffee.. she started crying and telling me how much she misses me and misses our friendship and then started telling me how she was misunderstood by another friend who thought that she was interfering between her and her fiancé.. really? Strange !!

I am not sure if she wants to “steel” the guys that we have but she likes to be noticed.. She opened her own business and I tried helping her out by introducing her to my company and getting her some clients, so what did she do? She took the mobile number of my boss, added him to her MSN and facebook lists and keeps calling him whenever she needs anything from us.. the is not my BF and is a happily married man and yet she wanted to be noticed by him as well..  

I feel sorry for her but she keeps on driving me crazy and when I confront her she says she does not mean any harm, she is a friendly person and does mind if others treated her the same way… this is how she is..  She is my friend and the worst thing is when people look at me and say “do you know what your friend did?” “kol li man tusa7eb akool lak man ant” and I don’t what people to think that I am like her..

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How do you know that this person is the one? how do you know when to give it a try?

Is it true that you know from the first time you meet? Of course going ahead with it does not mean its going to work o utbut I mean if you met someone and you felt nothing what so ever, should you try and give him a chance?

A friend of mine asked me for advice and I did not know what to tell her.. She went out on a blinde date a couple of days ago, and when I asked her what she felt she said she had no idea… He seems to be a nice decent guy but she did not like him or hate him.. She is not too excited about their next date but she is not hating it as well..

He did seem to be a decent guy and decent guys are rare to find… So should she give it a chance? He and his family live in the states and are never coming back to Amman.. she adores Amman so how can she know that he is worth leaving her family and her country? will that come in time? I have to idea..

I remeber a friend who asked me once why I broke up with my ex.. I told her why so then she asked “did you love him?” and when I answered that we havent been together for long so i dont know.. she said then it wouldnt have worked out.. you know immediatley..

Is it true?

I know that every guy is different, but what kind of a guy should you be looking for?

Should a girl follow her heart and pick the guy who immediatly swept her off her feet, or should she pick up the guy that would do anything for her even if she only likes him and does not love him? Is it true that his goodness would make her fall in live with him eventually???!!

I had no idea what to tell her because I myself do not know..

 Help us out…

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Funny Jordanian video

I found this funny video of bus driving in Jordan.. its funny but at the same time its sad because its true.. I think its related to the bus accident that happened last week between Aqaba and Irbid where a lot of people were killed..

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