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My ex-colleague from my ex-job contacted me a month ago saying she is coming to Amman after a month and she would like to see me and our other colleague.. After working together for a year she decided to go to Dubin and take come courses, after that she found a job there and never came back.. I havent seen her in years, almost 4, and was excited about seeing her..

She called me last week, we chatted a bit and then decided to go out the next day because she wanted to introduce us to her Irish boyfriend who was leaving after a couple of days.. I found that a bit weird.. We were never that close for her to be that eager to introduce us to him.. she mentioned something about wanting him to meet her Jordanian friends and that she does not have much open minded friends!! It was weird for me because I thought most people are now open minded about relationships before marriage.. having a boyfriend/girlfriend is very common especially in the age of twenties.. and then I found out why she wanted open minded people!! but the problem is even I am not that open!!!!!

We went out the next day and met her guy, I never met any Irish people but I have to say that this guy is really cute, well educated, smart, and funny.. I was curious and asked how did they both meet.. Apparently they both took the same course and it took them a while until they started seeing each other.. and then she kept on talking about how he changed her.. so far the story in nice and romantic, and then came the shock.. she said they dated for a couple of years before they moved in together! I stared thinking ok Princess, keep an open mind, we know a lot of people who did a lot of crazy things when they travelled or studies abroad and at least this one is in serious relationship and she is not doing it is secrecy..

So you are thinking that this is the shock.. nope that is not it.. the girl lives in Irbid and she said that she has open minded parents but not all her relatives and friends are that understanding so she hides him from most.. so far understandable.. her parents may not know that she is living with him in Dublin, and even if he is staying at her place in Irbid, I am sure he is sleeping at the guests’ room.. so I asked her where are you staying in Amman (are you ready for the shock?), she said that she bought an apartment in Dabouq and that they are staynig there.. she never saw it before she bought it online so HER MOTHER called them the night they arrived to check if they arrived safely and if they liked the apartment and found everything they need..

Believe me I am an open minded person, and I know a lot of open minded parents, but knowing that your daughter is living with her boyfriend shocked me…

I am not judging her, I dont think I will ever do that or think that my parents will ever consider it, but the thing is that I wish I lived her life..

She is madly in love with a cute, nice, madly in love with her guy who is willing to convert for her.. she has an excellent job in which she travels all over the world for.. and that job got her to buy an apartment in Dabouq after four years.. four years people!! I have been working here for four years and I still live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes by the end of the month I am forced to take money from my parents..

They are getting married next year and he is willing to bring his family to Amman as she wants to get married in her country with her family..

I promise its not envy but I do wish I live her life…


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