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The Moment of Truth

MBC 4 is running this program called Moment of Truth.. its a show where the contestants will be asked a 100 questions before the show while wearing a lie detector machine… during the show, he will be asked 25 questions from these 100 questions while some members of his family or friends attend, he could change his answer that he answered before as long as he does not lie….

I have to say that I like the show but it causes a lot of trouble.. it seems that they do a very good job researching the life of the participant and ask really embarassing and sometimes hurting questions.. the questions are like “did you ever fantasize about one of your wife’s friends?!” or ” are you hiding a secret that could end your marriage?” “have you ever stuffed you “thing” to make it look bigger?” what the hell??!

The other day they got a guy who dated two sisters and married the third… of course one of the questions was “did you have a sexual relationship with the other 2 sisters?”

And another time they go an ex-boyfriend of the participant while her current boyfriend was there and asked her if she regrets leaving him.. and the answer was YES!!

But do you want to know whats the funny part about this?! MBC is creating an Arabic version out of this show!!! Can you imagine what will happen if the female was a Jordanian?? her husband or brother will enter the studio, shoots her, shoots the host, then the camera man, then the director then surrender himself to the police proudly..

No matter how much they tried to ask more generic questions, our Arabic world cannot handle it.. I mean I dont think I can do it, I admit that I have a lot of skeletons in my closet, and they will not only hurt me but some will hurt the people that I love..

I dont think i can do it.. Can you?

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One of my best friends met a guy who she finally liked..

We are all shocked and I think she is as well.. she used to always fight with us or her family if we told her that we want to introduce her to someone.. this was different… she thought about it for a while and then said ok..

The funny story is that his nephew was the one she was supposed to meet… both the nephew (who is only 4 years younger that his uncle) and the uncle live in Dubai, so when the unlce was coming to Jordan his nephew asked him to check her out for him without anyone knowing… The uncle checked out where she worked and visited her company as a Client.. what happend next? the uncle fell in love with her immediately…

he talked to his nephew and convinced him to let him (the uncle) go out with her instead.. and this is how it happened..

When she went out with him for the first time, they kept talking for three hours… she used to call us to help her escape after an hour.. it was not the case this time..

He is 11 years older than her, which is something she used to refuse before even meeting the guy, but this time she says he does not look it and it is making her feel young although she is approaching her big 30… he is sweet, honest, and to a certain point religious.. all what she was looking for..

Her only problem is with the way he dresses… he is not that good looking and that was never a problem for her, and this is tall with a nice body… but she hates his clothes..

We tried to tell her that this all can be changed but it seems that this is bothering her.. I kind of understood what she means.. i mean you try to over look this stupid thing, you should never judge someone from the way they dress but it does affect you..

She said she remember when he first came in to her company they all thought he was gay… too tight shirt with the first 3 buttons opended and a too tight jeans under it.. she tries not to care but she feels embarassed sometimes when she is going out with him..

She knows he might not like the way she dresses and she might get offeneded if he said anything but she doesnt know what to do… should she tell him? and if yes how and when is a propriate way?

I did not know what to tell her as I have never been in such a situation, and dont tell me she is shallow because believe me no matter how much you try to over look it, it will affect you..

What do you think?

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Living a Lie…

I think no matter how much you think you know someone, it seems that you never really know them..

A friend of mine told me a story about another friend, or you can say an acquaintance, that shocked me..  She is a pretty, well educated girl who comes from a very good background.. Her family is very well known and is considered to be a “Class A” if I may say..

If you know them you would think that they are the perfect family.. great parents, a very nice house in a very “high class” area, a car for every person in the family and they travel whenever they want wherever they want..

Apparently the family is in a great debt and they are living a life that they cannot afford!!!

They live paycheck to paycheck, they took huge amount of mortgages to pay for the cars.. their aunt’s husbands are the ones who are paying for the children’s schools, their house was bought by a relative  before the bank had the chance to take it and allowed them to stay in it..

The father does not have his own business, he works for someone who used to work for him when they were richer..

And why is that? because the father spent all his money on his hookers!!! apparently the parents were divorced before but they decided to stay together for the kids sake.. and what result did that give? the children and their mother have to lie and live a life that is not theirs in order to cover up for their father’s mistake.. his wife is almost a model, one of the pretties people I have ever seen… his chidren are well raised (by their mother of course) and are trying to be something different that their father..

His family hates him and is ashamed from him.. he is a looser who goes back home at 3 or 4 am every day, he keeps taking money from his wife and daughter and is not ashamed of getting loan after loan and not paying back knowing that his wife and children will definately pay for it in order not to yinfid7o.. but does he care? of course not..

I dont know where I am going with this but this really made me sad.. and I am sure that there are a lot of people like them… If I were in their situation, I dont know what would I have done.. I dont know if the mother did the right thing by not leaving him and making her children go through all of this in order for people not to say that their parents are “divorced”..



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A Sad Post…

It has been a while since I wrote anything, or even read any of your blogs (sorry), but the last few weeks were not that great… my uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I miss him so much… he is not my direct uncle he is my mother’s uncle but we were so close he was almost a father to me..

When we were kids, we never thought about life and death, we believed that the people around us will stay forever, we never thought about the future, our utmost dream was growing up to be a teacher or a pilot… and then when we grew up all we thought about was finishing school and going to college, maybe finding a job and for some getting married, but we never thought that the older we get the older the people around us will get and the possibility of them not staying in our lives will increase..

I did not mean for this to be a sad post but death saddens me, it makes me remember that as time goes by the people you love will leave, and someday you will too…   

P.S.: I promise to make my next post a happier one 🙂

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