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After several phone calls with one of my best friends, I finally agreed on going on another blind date.. Although I hate doing it but at least this time the girl that wants to introduce us knows both of us, meaning: less unhappy surprises..

My first reaction was normal, I was not impressed nor wanted to leave, the guy seems to be nice and I have to say made me laugh several times..

The truth is I thought I went on so many blind dates I would now know exactly what are the cons and pros of each guy.. I was wrong..

I did not know if I wanted to see him again.. He seems to be a nice guy but that is not enough.. I learned that he is an early waker.. he wakes up at 06:30 – 7:00 including weekends … I would quit my job if I had to wake up that early.. he hates to sleep believing that he will loose these hours from his life, I like to wake up at 01:00 sometimes 02:00 pm on my weekends..

Maybe that does not matter.. I dont know..

I was telling him about how I cry at the movies and to my shock he told me that does too!!!! ok we do like sensitive guys but wouldnt it be funny if we both started crying while watching a movie!! I dont know..

Add to that he is a banker, and I think that is not a good job nowadays.. dont get me wrong I am not running after money but I dont want to be in a relatioship with someone who is 35 and has to start looking for a job.. Again maybe I am wrong..

But as I said earlier, the guy is nice, does not smoke or drink and was highly recommended by my friend, but after an hour or so I thought to that is enough, I want to leave and when he asked for my number i felt, ok why not.. is this feeling normal? wouldnt you know at the first date?

I dont want to be picky but I dont know, shall I give it a try or not waste my time..

What do you think a girl should take into consideration for going on a second date?

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About my Eid…

First I want to wish everyone a Happy Eid and hope you are enjoying the holiday..

I was waiting for this holiday despirately as work has been crazy for the last 2 months.. Everyone I know was planning their trips while all I wanted to do was lay on the couch in my PJs flipping through the TV channels..

So far it went exactly how I wanted except for two facts.. first the fact that I got too sick I couldnt breathe or eat proparly and the second the accident that killed the 4 children in Aqaba..

It is very sad, four young children dying this way..  Of course the great people of Jordan started the gossip immeditaley, those who said they were drunk, others who said they were high… COME ON PEOPLE!! I hope you will never be in the parents shoes but you have to feel something for them… I almost cried when I heard it although I dont know any of them… its sad.. its really sad.. and even if they were all what was said, THEY ARE DEAD.. cant you let 4 17 year old dead children out of your gossip??? Just say Allah Yir7amhom and let them rest in peace.

But I have to talk about the boy who survived as well.. sub7an allah.. if this is not a proof of God’s power I dont know what is… all 4 died while this one left the emergency room the same night without even a broken bone.. Allay Iykhali la 2ahlo..

The rest of my vacation went as I wished, I went with my younger sister to the movies to watch a movie that she wanted “Twilight”, I have to say that its a teenage movie but I liked it and I am glad I am spending more time with her after everything went well between us… We had a confrontation session and decided to start fresh… we both trust each other now and decided to become friends.. so far so good…

I also watched all the seasons of “Sex and City” including the movie, I am not sure how this is a girly series when it includes all these sex scenes.. it is known that females are more into romance than sex but I just LOVE this series… we cannot relate to most of the issues they cover but the romace stories are just great… Ill talk all about it in another post..

And after all this I have to say that I am done, I miss my work, I miss my colleagues, and I miss working out in the gym.. I had a great relaxing holiday but I want to go back to my normal life..

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