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We have heard so many stories about people cheating or leaving their spouses for someone else..no matter what the circumtances are people start the blaming and the gossiping on the spot..

I am not approving these actions but I have always asked my self what can a person do If he/she  finally finds his/her soulmate but one of them is already in a relationship..

What if  you finally found the person that you have been waiting for, the person who understands you and laughs at your jokes, the person who you can talk to for hours and believe is your soul mate but she is your wife’s best friend or he is your husband’s brother?

I dont think a person should act on these feelings but wouldnt that be unfair to all three parties? and wouldnt that be considered emotional cheating? you cannot let this person out of your life without providing explanations that you can never give… He/she will always be there and I think sooner or later it will affect the relationships between all of you..

I know a person who divorced his wife and married the wife of his brother in law, I also know a person who married her best friend’s husband… Again I am not saying that what they did was right, they ruined 2 families and hurt the kids but I just decided that I should not comment, point at, or blame anymore..

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الفرق بين البلدان الفقيرة والغنية لا يعود إلى قدمها في التاريخ،  فمصر والهند يفوق عمرها 2000 عام وهي فقيرة، أما كندا واستراليا ونيوزيلندا لم تكن موجودة قبل 150 سنة بالرغم من ذلك هي دول متطورة وغنية

ولا يمكن رد فقر او غنى الدول إلى مواردها الطبيعية المتوفرة فلليابان مساحة محدودة ، 80% من اراضيها عبارة عن جبال غير صالحة للزراعة أو لتربية المواشي، ولكنها تمثل ثاني اقوى اقتصاد في العالم، فهي عبارة عن مصنع كبير عائم ، يستورد المواد الخام لإنتاج مواد مصنعة يصدرها لكل أقطار العالم

 مثال آخر هو سويسرا، فبالرغم من عدم زراعتها للكاكاو إلا أنها تنتج أفضل شوكولا في العالم، ومساحتها الصغيرة لا تسمح لها بالزراعة أو بتربية المواشي لأكثر من اربعة أشهر في السنة إلا انها تنتج اهم منتجات الحليب وأغزرها في العالم. إنها بلد صغير ولكن صورة الأمن والنظام والعمل التي تعكسها ، جعلها أقوى خزنة في العالم

 لم يجد المدراء من البلاد الغنية من خلال علاقتهم مع زملائهم من البلدان الفقيرة فروق تميزهم من الناحية العقلية ومن ناحية الإمكانيات عن هؤلاء في البلاد الفقيرة، اللون والعرق لا تأثير لهما، فالمهاجرون المصنفون كسالى في بلادهم الأصلية هم القوة المنتجة في البلاد الأوربية

 أين يكمن الفرق إذا؟؟

 يكمن الفرق في السلوك، المتشكل والمرسخ عبر سنين من التربية والثقافة. عند تحليل سلوك الناس في الدول المتقدمة نجد أن الغالبية يتبعون المبادئ التالية في حياتهم

.الأخلاق كمبدأ اساسي



 .احترام القانون والنظام

.احترام حقوق باقي المواطنين

حب العمل

.حب الاستثمار والادخار

 .السعي للتفوق والأعمال الخارقة


 في البلدان الفقيرة لا يتبع هذه المبادئ سوى قلة قليلة من الناس في حياتهم اليومية. لسنا فقراء بسبب نقص في الموارد أو بسبب كون الطبيعة قاسية معنا، نحن فقراء بسبب عيب في السلوك، وبسبب عجزنا للتأقلم مع وتعلم المبادئ الأساسية التي جعلت وأدت إلى تطور المجتمعات وغناها

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My Best Friends…

I have been lazy lately and did not write anything for a while.. I had a lot of things to write about but did not feel like it.. for some reason i woke up this morning wanting to write about my best friends..

the Complainer:  this one is the other blonde in the gang.. she complains about everything.. she is a sweet heart and always wants the best for you (even tough she forces it  on you sometimes) but I know she believes its for the best.. when we arrange for an outing she is always the one that does not like our choice and when we ask her to choose she says that it does not matter she will go anywhere!! she complains about the noise, the food, the service even the lighting of the place!!

She also has this weird habbit of needing to know everyone and who are they related to.. everytime we go to a funeral or a weeding she has to know every single person and why are they at the event (how do they know the bride and groom or the deceast… sometimes she turns to me saying “do you remeber ….. who was in our 8th grade? this guy is married to the sister of her best friend’s cousin”!!!!!! I have no idea how can she know that.. I can hardly  remember the girl in my class.. the only relations that may stick in my mind is siblings and maybe first cousins..

She is also one of the people that believe marriage is everything, and not getting married is not an option… she feels sad for the people who are not married and thats why she does everything she can to get me married..

She is a mother of 2 beautiful boy and girl

The 20 year old: this girl does not want to grow up.. she wants to be young and stay young.. she does not believe in marriage and wanted to stay single her 3 years boyfriend had to force her to marry him!! she likes clubbing, smoking, and dancing and not having any responsibilites, staying up all night and just having fun..

At the same time she is a friend that you can depend on whenever you need her.. she is honest and always tells you the truth even if she knows you will not like it.. if you did something wrong she will pick up the phone and give you a one hour lecture about it..

She found out a couple of days ago that she is pregnant.. she almost fainted.. she is happy and says il 7amdullah but I know what deep down inside she is saying that’s it.. if married did not restrain me this will.. she is scared, a little depressed and not smoking is driving her, her husband and us crazy but I am definate she will be a great mother..

the Sweetheart: she is one of the nicest people you can ever meet.. she goes with the flow, rarely complains, and is always there to listen to you.. she might not give you an answer or tell you what to do but she is there if you need someone to listen.. as much as she is a calm and friendly person she can mean very stubborn and willful sometimes.. she got married 5 years ago to a guy that for some reason did not like us, but she made it clear to him that she cannot do without us, now he is a nice guy and I believe got to like us as well..

She is so sociable she drives us crazy sometimes..everytime she meets new people or even from the past, like 20 years from the past, she plans an outing and forces us to go.. she plans outings with our class mates, the cousins of our friends, the sisters of some other friends, the mothers of the daughter’s friends, and we always have to be there.. 

She is a mother of a lovely 3 year old daughter..

The Single: this girl drives me crazy all the time.. she is dying to get married… she is very cute, educated, has two companies of her own but for some reason scares the guys away.. literally.. they run so fast you can see the smoke behind them.. she is  always looking her best, discussing all the hot subject in town and internationally, gathering a lot of guys around her… nevertheless no one sticks around… she never had an actual boyfriend her whole life.. all her relationships end in less than 2 weeks..

I try to help her, and tell her to concentrate on her life and career but I know that deep down inside getting married is all she wants.. 

The Out of town:  this girl is the closest to me.. she is the first to get married and move to Dubai.. we both studied the same major, took the same classes even shared cars on daily basis.. i felt really sad when she moved..

Despite the distance she has always been there for me.. you can call her anytime day or night and she will pick up and listen to your whining.. she is always laughing and taking things easy, you can be yourself around her and talk to her about any silly thing you feel like talking about..

She is a mother of a young 5 years old guy and having her second this weekend inshalla..

I have known my friends for the last 19 years… people said that university will drift you apart… people said marriage will drift you apart.. people said time will drift you apart.. and il 7amdu lillah nothing did.. they drive me crazy sometimes, they are not perfect, but I love them just the way they are…

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Jews in America…

I have received an email with the following pictures.. I am not so sure about them but I wanted to share..

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