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Suddenly the door opened and she went into the ballroom hand in hand with her new husband.. she was looking at the crowd searching, hoping, but could not see a thing due to the spot lights and strong lighting. 

They reached into the center of the stage when the lights dimmed and their special song that they spent weeks looking for started playing..  her husband took her into his arms and started slow dancing while wispering the sweetest words any girl would die for..

She starting looking again, searching for him, but couldnt find him.. she did not know if she was sad or relieved that he did not show up.. 

She started thinking about the first time she met him at a meeting almost a year ago.. she thought he was so cute and wondered how he was still single.. meeting after meeting they became closer and closer.. she used to look forward to their meetings and thought of his friendship as one of the things she would cherish forever..

6 months later, he called asking to see her, and when she invited him to a meeting he said that he rathered if they met somewhere else.. they met at a coffee shop after work and she was anxious to know what he wanted.. 

She felt that something was wrong, he looked worried and was not looking her in the eyes.. She asked “Is everything ok?” He said” We have known each other for some time now and I wanted to ask you something since the first time I saw you but I did not have the courage until now.. would you go out with me?” she didnt know what to say.. she liked him a lot and did not want to loose him as a friend but she knew there were a lot of things that will not make this work.. “I honestly did not see that coming.. I like you, I really do, but I dont feel that way about you.. I hope you would understand and that we can stay friends” She knew that he got hurt, but all he did was smile and say ” I would love to”

And that is how it went, they became the inseparable best friends ever.. they would go to the movies to partied together, plan weekends together, console each other of heartbreak and bad relationships, they were so great people were jelous of them, and some did not believe that there was nothing romantic between them..  of course there were some moments were things could have gone the other way but they did not let it happen and ruin their friendship..

She noticed that things got a bit different when her relationship with her current husband became serious.. he started backing off with the excuse of not wanting to bother he boyfriend.. She so much wanted them to become good friends but for some reason it did not happen.. One of the things that made her love her husband is that he was totally understanding of their relationship and in fact made an effort to be his friend.. She kept calling him and wanting to see him but he kept giving her excuses and when she does see him he acts like a jerk..

It hurt her so much she couldnt stand it, but there was nothing she could do.. she tried and tried but he was not helping.. and then just before she came down the hotel stairs, he sent her a message saying” I was always there for you for three whole years and was able to hide my feelings so perfectly, but this is more than I can handle, I cant see you getting married, its just too much to bear, I love you, and I wish you all the best”

She held in her tears, turned off the mobile, put a smile on her face, and walked toward her husband.. there is nothing she can do now, everything is ruined, what could have she said, that she fell in love with him the moment she saw him, that her heart ached everytime he talked to her about a girl, and that she was in pain that she could talk to him about everything except telling him the three little words she was dying to say? that he means to her more than anything in this world, and that she is doing this for him? They would have never been happy together, there is the age difference, the background, the social life, the religion, everything was different and she knew that it wouldnt have worked out..

She looked into her husbands eyes and smiled thinking, he is a good man and he will make me happy, her mind knew that but her heart, her heart…

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I dont get it when a female takes her husband’s family name after they are married.. wouldnt that make him her fahter? wouldnt that make her children her siblings?

Why would you change the name that you have been born with? the name of your father and his father?  do they suddenly become disgracing after you get married? you should be proud of the name of the person who raised you well and couldnt wait to to see the day that you get married in that beautiful white dress.. and how do you thank him? you dont use his name anymore..

Also why do they call the parents after the name of their first son and not first child? I know a man who was called abu Zeina for 13 years and then after his son was born people changed it to abu Zaid.. sometimes he does not reply saying he is not used to it he forgets that people are calling him..

maybe its tradition, but what was the person who did it first thinking?

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