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Funny :)

واحد قاعد بالقهوة ، فشاف جنازتين ماشيين ورا بعض وفيهم حوالي 1000 بني آدم و شاف قدام الجنازتين واحد ماشي ومعو كلب فاستغرب، وصار بدو يعرف شو الترتيب

قام راح للزلمة وقلو: بعرف أنو وقت عصيب عليك, بس أنا بحياتي ماشفت جنازة بهالعدد الرهيب، وغيرهيك حضرتك متقدم الكل ومعك كلب!! ممكن أعرف جنازة مين؟

 قالو الزلمة: أول تابوت فيه مرتي .. كلبي هاد هجم عليها و قتلها

 فسألو: طب والتاني!!

 قلو: حماتي … كانت عم تحاول تساعد مرتي، و كمان كلبي هجم عليها وقتلها

 فصفن هالرجال شوي ورجع سألو: في مجال تعيرني كلبك؟

قلو الزلمة: صف مع الشباب

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No matter how much you think you know the people around you they always get to fail you, to disappoint you.. even if they think that yuor decision is wrong you would expect them to be there for you no matter what.. well they dont.. its disappointing.. it really is..

And the problem is that I am not a forgiving person, meaning I will be missing our friendship for sometime.. until I am able to forgive..

No matter how much you think you are making the right decision you always need that one person to be there for you.. they are entitled to their opinion but just an opinion, not force it on you..

Well c’est la vie.. I think..

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One of my friends asked me this question the other day and to be honest I did not know what to answer her.. How much should looks matter? She met a nice guy who expressed his feelings for her and asked her out.. She likes him and thinks he is funny and really cares for her but she cant get over the fact that she does not like his looks at all.. she said he is not ugly but he is just not her type..

I personally think that he thinks of himself as a good catch.. Maybe the fact that the guy is well educated and comes from a good well known family made girls through themselves on him, and that convinced him that he is good looking.. donno.. but I feel sorry for my friend, she said she is not looking for a George Clooney or a Brad Pitt but she just cant see herself with him… physically… She even said that she does not think she will feel comfortable introducing him to her friends (you may say that she should not be shallow and if she likes him she should not care but believe me when I say, it matters)

What can I tell her?.. if he is a nice guy and makes you laugh (the cliche of marry a man who makes you laugh) then go for it and maybe you will get over his looks? I know I cant do it but i cant tell her that.. I did go out once with a guy who my friends thought was not even close to being cute but I thought he is, so I did not care.. but she herself does not..  I cant tell her to give it a chance and try it out because she is already his friend and moving forward in their relationship when she knows a lot is holding her back could ruin their friendship..

What do you think?

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