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2al ya3ni Zain VIP

I have been a loyal customer to Fastlink/ Zain for more than 10 years, which put me on their list of VIP.. everytime I call them a voice say “Your call will be trasfered to the VIP customer service”, at first I was happy but to be honestĀ  I cant see the privilege of being a VIP.. once they called me saying as a VIP Client they are sending me a gift and want my address, the gift never showed up..

Second, my brother lives in Saudi now so one of the good things of being a Zain customer is that we can call him on his Jordanian number, right? WRONG!! my brother left 4 months ago and every single time my mom calls him it gives her that the network in busy.. even when both of us are sitting at the same room, i use my phone and i can call him and when she does it gives her busy.. both of the lines are in my name so when I called “VIP” customer service they said there is nothing they can do and that she should keep trying…

They kept sending me messages regarding the VIP lounge so I said why dont I try it and when I did I didnt get why they call it VIP.. I was looking for a specific phone to buy that was not available so I thought the lady would take my number and call me when available.. right?! wrong again, she gave me the number of the reception and asked me to keep calling until its available not sure when that will be..

there isĀ  a private number that calls me every other weekend from 02:00 am till 07:00 am none stop.. I used to put my phone on silent but he is calling me during the day now masterbating on the phone.. I cannot not answer because I have several Clients who use private numbers. and even at night as most of my family lives abroad I like to keep it on for emergencies. i went to the VIP lounge again to complain and do you know what their answer was…. change your number!!!!!can you believe that..

They have to find a solution for the private number option, they keep making the offer cheaper and cheaper. If a person thinks he is that important he does not want people to know his number, then he should pay more.. not less than 50 Jds per month.. but Zain offer it so cheap they will pay you to use it kaman shwai!!

so the bottom line is, VIP or non VIP.. its all the same..

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