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I was listening this morning to the Fann FM show bisara7a with Mohammad al Wakeel talking about Ma’in hot springs.. the spokesperson is a lebanese sales manager.. he seemed to be a really nice person (despite my experience with the lebanese people) and it is really shameful how people attacked him..

Every single person was complaining about the 10 Jds enterance fee to the public area.. the manager kept saying that this is the minimal cost for the services that they offer but people kept comparing Ma’in to Petra and how Jordanians only pay 3 Jds for enterance..  I was very impressed by the answer of the Miniter of Tourism H.E. Ms. Maha Al Khatib who she said that you pay 1 or 3 Jds for Petra just to walk.. and then if you need a buggy or a guide or water, you have to pay extra for all that.. what Ma’in serves you is different than any other touristic location..

The funniest thing was when a guy said that we Arabs are not like foreigners with only 1 or 2 children, we are usually a family of 7 or 8.. I really wanted to call and comment to this stupid person saying that if you cant afford it why do it then??? seriously, when a begger follows me asking for money because she has 7 or 8 kids it just makes me more mad.. why do you have 7 kids??? you cant feed them, you cant educate them, but maybe you can use all 7 for begging!! we take from the west the alcohol, the drugs, the prostitution but not the civilization.

I was very impressed and a bit shocked when al Wakeel asked the minister why doesnt the government take over the project.. she honestly told him that the government was handling Ma’in for decades and it was a big failure.. the place was “mazbaleh”.. yes she did say mazbaleh on air.. I am not sure if a minister should use this word but she is definately right..

I was also impressed by the hotel, as this is the first hotel is Jordan who gives a lower rate for Jordanians.. I feel sad when I call to reserve in the dead sea or aqaba and I have to use of the the passports of the people visiting because they have better prices in my country than I do.. but not in Evason Ma’in hot springs 🙂

I went to Ma’in a month ago and while I was entering the hotel I passed the public area.. kids and males were swimming in their underwears, black garbage bags, chips, and cans where all over the street, a guy was spitting while i think another was peeing in the corner.. if you want to have a less costly service, try to help, try to clean after yourself and teach your children how to do it..

Another guy was complaining that the place only opens from 8:30 am till 08:30 pm, and the manager said that they have employees that work on a clock so as any other location they have opening and closing hours.. but of course that did not stop another guy from saying that it should be open all teh time and that when he arrived at 07:00 am they made him wait.. man, they open at 08:30, be there at 08:30..

Seriously, all we do is complain complain complain..

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Traffic laws…

I am sure that so many people agree with me that our traffic laws are just stupid.. I dont take accidents easily, and I do feel sorry for every person who was hit or killed by a car and pray everyday that I would never face such a tragedy but come on, its not always the driver’s mistake.. They always blame the driver..

sometimes when I am driving and some crazy person just decides to freak me out and  cross the road, I wish I can hold him, put him under my car and actually run him over, back and forth..

I know the government has been trying to find solutions such as bridges and crossing  areas, but people simply walk under them.. man move your butt, do some exercise and use the bridge.. the other day I was driving in a tunnel where there were pedestrian aisles on both sides, and the guy was simply walking next it to, RIGHT NEXT TO IT, in the dark tunnel, but if a car just touch him with the mirror, the driver will live in hell for the following 6 months at least..

And what about the children, again I am saying il hamdilla I dont know and I pray to God I will never know how losing someone or a car accident feels but they are called accidents for a reason.. why is the child in the middle of the street anyway? and sometimes it does happen that in seconds he just leaves him mother’s hand and run but that is not the driver’s fault.. He does not have to be taken to prison and courts and struggle with lawyers and God knows the shit he will face..

I once heard, and I am not sure if it is a true story, that a taxi driver was parking his car next to the building where he lives, and a little girl jumped from the window and landed on his car, and he was dragged to prison.. not sure how true this story is but it does not shock me..

Add to that I dont think its always the fault of the person in behind.. the other day i was driving through wadi sakra and the lady infront of me with no one infront of her was driving at the speed of 70 k and kept hitting the breaks overy 2 seconds, I kept honking and flashing my lights but she just didnt want to move and people started passing her from the right side, which is something that I dont like, and when I had to do it and passed her she followed me and flashed her lights so I cant see.. can you imagine!!

All of this does not mean that some drivers should not be punished.. some drivers need to be shot.. they just drive recklessly not carring about other people or even their cars, as if their dads found their money in the trash..

Anyway as I said before, being injured or killed by an accident is a horrible thing, but I still think they need to amend the laws..

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