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If you have been reading my blog you would know that I have been on first dates for more than I can remenber.. I can literally write a book.. and yet I still dont know what should make me give a guy a second chance..

I personally thought that I did..  I am not expecting to fall head over heels for the guy from the first date, but if the percentage is 60- 40 to his favor I will..

My friend hooked me up with a guy yesterday, he seemed to be a nice guy, and I have to say not bad looking.. but thats’ it.. in less than half an hour, I felt I wanted to leave.. I have been on first dates with less potential guys and yet it took me at least an hour and a half before I wanted to leave..

My friends went crazy saying the guy is a very nice person, good looking (according to them of course) and is from a good family, and that I should give him a second chance..

There mustn’t be someone major about the other person for you not to like him.. right? I mean he could be the best person in the world, and even mch better than me.. its just that I dont feel like going out with him again..Is that wrong?

My friends think that we are getting older and picky; I am sure its right, and maybe I still dont know what I want but I sure know what I dont want..

So help me out, what should make me give or not give it a second try?

Looks, financial status, backgournd, humor, age difference, enjoyment of the first date?

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