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I cant remember when did it start but I am literally addicted to all crime and investigation series.. I can watch any one of them all day and not get bored..

the sales person in the DVD place laughs at me as I keep a list with me all the time of all the series that I watch in order not to loose track.. I even like them more than any drama or romantic series and I watch any new one no matter how bad it is.. below is a list of some that I like (wait I need toΒ  take out my list from my wallet :)):

The Forgotten: A nice light new series about a group of volunteers who track down the John Does/danes that the police gave up on

Castle: a comedic series about a righter who assists the police in order to get inspired to write

Lie to me: very nice new idea (altough I am not that fund of the main character) about a group of professionals that are hired to study the micro expressions of the face and the body.. contains very interesting information

CSI- (NY, LV, Miami): i am mostly in love with Las Vegas but since three of the main characters left, I became less intersted.. New York is not bad and Miami has the most creative and intriguing ideas but I cant stand the main character Horacio..

NCIS (NY and LA): New York, the original, is one of my favourites, it is no funny and I love the characters

The Mentalist: there is nothing more I can say than I am madly in love with the guy πŸ™‚

Without a Trace: Nice and intersting as they look for missing people studying the timeline of their lives

Criminal Minds: The series is about a team of profilers from the FBI who study the criminals more than the actual crime

Cold Case: rated not bad, it solves very old cases that have been marked called.. sometimes finding evidence after 30 or 40 years just doesnt make sence

Dexter: One of my favourites, great idea.. the whole series is about a blood analyst working with the police during the day, while he is a serial killer at night.. beatiful

You may think that I have a lot of time on my hands, but i actually dont πŸ™‚ its just that whenever I find a 45 minutes period i watch an episode.. while eating, while waiting for a friend to pick me up, before going to sleep..

Some are serious, some are funny, and some are even military, but I just love them..

Some people make fun of me saying that I should have worked with the police force, I answer that I watch all this because I am planning of committing the perfect crime and learning how to make sure not to get caught πŸ™‚

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