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Lost Finale!!!

ok I got the part that they didnt die because of the crash, which is what I guessed earlier, and I did get that each one of them died sometime on or off the island, Jach and locke died on it, Hugo and Ben also died on the island but way after Jack as they both lived to protect the island, the plane people did leave and then die eventually maybe  due to age and  then after they all died they got reunited, but what I didnt get was .. all of the rest!!

what’s with the island? what’s with going back and forth in time and location?! How did they go back and then return? what is the secret of the island?! what was the dharma initiative? I tried googling it but everyone has a different opinion!! they made me even more lost!!

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I was having dinner yesterday with a group of my friends when one of them (lilo) asked how many best friends do you have?

As per her point of view, you can only have one best friend and sometimes that best friend is you.. if it is more than one then no matter what there will be some sort of gossip between two about the third.. and she believes that no matter how close you are to a person you cant always tell them every single thing about your life..

To me a best friend is not the person that knows every little detail about your life but is the person that you turn to when you need someone.. to lilo that is very selfish.. I tried to explain that I am not a sharing person and opening up to someone is something that is very hard to me but when I do feel like talking I have two best friends who would listen.. I have known them for more than 18 years and we went through a lot together.. and yet to lilo these are close friends and not best..

Maybe she is right, when you look at movies or series like sex and the city for example, they do know every single thing about each others life (although they are four) to an extreem level, and the thing that they have and we dont is that a best friend has a higher priority than the spouse/boyfriend..in our society the husband always comes first and sometimes if he doesnt like your friends her can easily ask you to get rid of them..

I can be a best friend with my self, and I do have a lot of close friends but I do believe and in my own way, that I have 2 best friends as well..

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