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I climbed my career path step by step… I started as a Junior, a Senior and then a Director.. I didnt skip to “MANAGER” like most the fresh graduates are looking to do, so that means I know the load and kind of work you need to do to reach higher levels.. We used to do everything and anything without anyone asking us to.. If anything was needed even if it wasn’t within our scope of work we would make sure its done as fast as possible..

Nowadays things have changed.. I have been involved in hiring people at our company, and you cant believe the disappointments that I have been facing.. our company is a small sized company with a core business of Client Servicing, so we need to be friendly, absorb some attitude from the Client and of course work under a lot of pressure and I make sure that I am very clear about that in all our interviews..

After that comes the shock.. they cannot tolerate anything.. I had turnovers in the last year more than I had in the seven years that I have been working with this company.. one with an attitude of ” I am too pressured”, another with ” I dont like the person that I am working with”, and another with “this is not withing my SOW”!!

How many companies that you know of  give more than one week of sick leaves during the probation period!! well I do..  I do believe that you cannot control it and it could happen anytime.. but all I did is send a reminder email with the regulations of the paid and sick leaves of the company.. what did I receive? the status on her facebook saying “my health comes first, If you dont like its your problem” !!


And the other day we were all helping wrap some gifts and kits for an event for one of our Clients and we all started cleaning up after we were done.. we asked her to help and her answer was “Its not my job, ask the office boy”!!!  I didnt give you a mop and ask you to clean the floors and bathrooms!! just throw the extras in the garbage!!

I remember when I was a Junior I was a driver, sometimes an accountant, maybe even an office boy, I used to do anything with a big smile on my face.. I used to work from 09:00 am and sometimes stay at the office till 11:00 pm.. nowadays, they are out of the door by 04:55!

Finding employees is very hard and baring their attitude is even harder..  and the salaries that they are asking for needs another post!

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