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I went out with this guy for a couple of times and I am not sure if I should keep seeing him.. He is a nice guy, entertaining, educated, comes from a good background,… I cant say anything bad about him and yet I am still not so sure.. i reached an age were I should think wisely about these matters, I am not looking for love at first sight, because honestly I dont believe in that anymore, but shouldnt I expect a little bit of chemistry even if only after a few dates?

I know that i am too comfortable with my life right now and changing it is a big step for me, getting to know someone and letting him into my life is not an easy thing.. so I have to admit I am pushing myself to go out with this guy.. when I am with him I dont feel the urge to run, I do enjoy my time, but when he asks me to see him the following day and push it for a couple after that.. I dont wait for him to call or message me or anything, and I dont look forward to our outings.. what’s making me push myself is that its been a long time since I gave someone the chance by going out with him on a second date, and this one for odd reasons I did…

Shall I push myself more and see how it goes? are there any signs that should make me make up my mind? i feel sad because he wants to see me and talk to me every single day and this is pressuring me.. I dont know what to do.. he is a good guy and I dont want to hurt him…

I wish there were signs!!


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