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How can I be a bitch?

I dont claim to be an angel, but I just dont like to hurt people, not intentionally at least.. Being at a high position in my company I cant but be firm and yet I try to keep everyone happy.. I believe that we spend time at our offices more than we do at our own homes, therefore you need to have a healthy and friendly environment to be more productive.

Our company is divided into an owner and me another colleague managers the team and the Clients.. and when he decided to open another business he put me in charge to manage the whole office, and of course she had a problem with that.. she being there 1 year before me automatically made her believe that she is more entitled to this position.

Every time anyone asks her who is managing the office, she says its being handled, not wanting to admit that I am.. which of course would harm the reputation of our company being without a manager..

I tried to talk to the owner and asked him to be more decisive but with their long history he didnt want to upset her.

At the end and after all the confusion between the employees and our Clients I decided to make the decision of changing my title and moving to the management office.. She went crazy and stopped talking to me.. i know that I shouldnt care and that she will have to adapt but Im not enjoying my new position or new office because of her.. I now feel guilty and wonder if it was the right move..  

My problem is she looks as if she is the weaker person, and I look so tough, and everyone always say she is doing it out of her good heart, only I know better.. she is a sweetheart when you agree with her, she turns into a monster when you dont.

i know I did the right decision but Im not happy.. my stomach is hurting me and sometimes I cant breathe.. coming to the office now makes me nervous because I have to see her and deal with her silent treatment…. how can i be more tough?  how can i be a bitch?

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