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I havent blogged for almost 2 years now, and since the social media platforms are all what people are interested in, im not sure if blogging is still in..

facebook, twitter, instagram,… and the rest, are interactive, short, straight to the point, fun, has more gossip, easy to communicate through, is more personal (which most people like), and everyone, literally everyone, is on these platforms..

so that made me wonder, are people still reading blogs? and what is the percentage compared to the other platforms?

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How can I be a bitch?

I dont claim to be an angel, but I just dont like to hurt people, not intentionally at least.. Being at a high position in my company I cant but be firm and yet I try to keep everyone happy.. I believe that we spend time at our offices more than we do at our own homes, therefore you need to have a healthy and friendly environment to be more productive.

Our company is divided into an owner and me another colleague managers the team and the Clients.. and when he decided to open another business he put me in charge to manage the whole office, and of course she had a problem with that.. she being there 1 year before me automatically made her believe that she is more entitled to this position.

Every time anyone asks her who is managing the office, she says its being handled, not wanting to admit that I am.. which of course would harm the reputation of our company being without a manager..

I tried to talk to the owner and asked him to be more decisive but with their long history he didnt want to upset her.

At the end and after all the confusion between the employees and our Clients I decided to make the decision of changing my title and moving to the management office.. She went crazy and stopped talking to me.. i know that I shouldnt care and that she will have to adapt but Im not enjoying my new position or new office because of her.. I now feel guilty and wonder if it was the right move..  

My problem is she looks as if she is the weaker person, and I look so tough, and everyone always say she is doing it out of her good heart, only I know better.. she is a sweetheart when you agree with her, she turns into a monster when you dont.

i know I did the right decision but Im not happy.. my stomach is hurting me and sometimes I cant breathe.. coming to the office now makes me nervous because I have to see her and deal with her silent treatment…. how can i be more tough?  how can i be a bitch?

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I went out with this guy for a couple of times and I am not sure if I should keep seeing him.. He is a nice guy, entertaining, educated, comes from a good background,… I cant say anything bad about him and yet I am still not so sure.. i reached an age were I should think wisely about these matters, I am not looking for love at first sight, because honestly I dont believe in that anymore, but shouldnt I expect a little bit of chemistry even if only after a few dates?

I know that i am too comfortable with my life right now and changing it is a big step for me, getting to know someone and letting him into my life is not an easy thing.. so I have to admit I am pushing myself to go out with this guy.. when I am with him I dont feel the urge to run, I do enjoy my time, but when he asks me to see him the following day and push it for a couple after that.. I dont wait for him to call or message me or anything, and I dont look forward to our outings.. what’s making me push myself is that its been a long time since I gave someone the chance by going out with him on a second date, and this one for odd reasons I did…

Shall I push myself more and see how it goes? are there any signs that should make me make up my mind? i feel sad because he wants to see me and talk to me every single day and this is pressuring me.. I dont know what to do.. he is a good guy and I dont want to hurt him…

I wish there were signs!!


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Mabrook il share3!

Ok I understand that we should not park in front of any garages or entrances of vehicles , but what about the front of their main gates? or at least the block in front of it? especially villas?

I have been yelled at, for more than once, from the owners of the houses for parking in front of their it, is it really against the law? is it their right?

last week I tried to park in front of a villa, in the 4th circle, and apparently it belongs to the minister Al Jazi, the guard waited until I parked and locked the car and then came to me to inform me that I cannot park there because it was the house of the minister.. I am assuming my car parking in front of his house might be a threat to his life.. but still I was informed by my friend, their neighbor, that this has been the case before he became a minister, he has 2 garages, one on the right and another on the left of the villa, so you can image how big it is, and you cannot park anywhere in between.. meaning he owns half the block..

Is it really his right? do they give him the street as an extra with the ministry? and if you cant park in front of any private villas in Jordan where can we park!!!???


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Was it Love?

She doesnt know how it started and how did it change from pure friendship to something else.. something that she cant define.. Since her dad was never there for her she considered him as a role model, a guy who was always there for her caring, understanding, and is always by her side, always.

And yet, she cant remember when did the tone of the messages start to change, when did it include more personal and romantic hints.. She never encouraged him, she thinks, but she was touched by all the tenderness she ached for.. Her life was empty and he was there.. but was it that? was she only impressed because she was lonely or because it was him.. she was never able to tell..

At first she kept thinking it was friendly flirtation or maybe it was all in her mind, but then he asked her to sit with her privately and talk about it.. She felt it was not right, she knew it, and thats why she kept escaping it by giving him excuses .. The guy was married, with 2 kids and they both were on different religions.. how much more wrong can it be..

She told him that this could not happen ever.. She broke up something that might have not even be there to break but she knows for a fact she did the right thing…

She misses him, and his messages, and the fact that she has to see him every single day makes it harder.. She is happy that things didnt get weird between them, but she feels his pain, and yet she is happy for making that decision.. she is not that kind of a girl..


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I climbed my career path step by step… I started as a Junior, a Senior and then a Director.. I didnt skip to “MANAGER” like most the fresh graduates are looking to do, so that means I know the load and kind of work you need to do to reach higher levels.. We used to do everything and anything without anyone asking us to.. If anything was needed even if it wasn’t within our scope of work we would make sure its done as fast as possible..

Nowadays things have changed.. I have been involved in hiring people at our company, and you cant believe the disappointments that I have been facing.. our company is a small sized company with a core business of Client Servicing, so we need to be friendly, absorb some attitude from the Client and of course work under a lot of pressure and I make sure that I am very clear about that in all our interviews..

After that comes the shock.. they cannot tolerate anything.. I had turnovers in the last year more than I had in the seven years that I have been working with this company.. one with an attitude of ” I am too pressured”, another with ” I dont like the person that I am working with”, and another with “this is not withing my SOW”!!

How many companies that you know of  give more than one week of sick leaves during the probation period!! well I do..  I do believe that you cannot control it and it could happen anytime.. but all I did is send a reminder email with the regulations of the paid and sick leaves of the company.. what did I receive? the status on her facebook saying “my health comes first, If you dont like its your problem” !!


And the other day we were all helping wrap some gifts and kits for an event for one of our Clients and we all started cleaning up after we were done.. we asked her to help and her answer was “Its not my job, ask the office boy”!!!  I didnt give you a mop and ask you to clean the floors and bathrooms!! just throw the extras in the garbage!!

I remember when I was a Junior I was a driver, sometimes an accountant, maybe even an office boy, I used to do anything with a big smile on my face.. I used to work from 09:00 am and sometimes stay at the office till 11:00 pm.. nowadays, they are out of the door by 04:55!

Finding employees is very hard and baring their attitude is even harder..  and the salaries that they are asking for needs another post!

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