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The Beginning

I have been reading Blogs for the last 2 years on a daily basis. I love reading Memories Documented, Chocoholic Madness, Simply Me, and have much more saved on my favorite list.. I always follow up on their meetings and yet never got the courage to join them and meet the people that I read about all the time.. Last month I attended Zade Dirani’s concert and a girl was standing in front of me with these familiar red shoes.. I looked up and yes.. its was Ruba (And Far Away).. I so much wanted to tell her that I enjoy read her Blog and I think its very creative and nice and yet I didn’t.. if anyone did that to me I would think she is a stalker or a freak!!

Its funny how reading about other people’s lives and thoughts is very entertaining. You sympathize, you agree, disagree, and most of the time you compare their life experience and judgment to yours.. People are so judgmental, and so am I of course.. I read posts of angry husbands and X girlfriends and ask “what the hell were they thinking”? but the truth said, you can always judge when you are an observer,  its way different when you are involved..

I have no idea why I finally decided to start my own Blog.. maybe its because I’m bored… maybe just for fun… or maybe because I want to finally share my thoughts and feelings with people..

Let me tell you about myself: I am a 28 year old Arab girl, studied Computer Information System but as most of the people I know did not work in that field.. I have been working for a PR and Marketing company for the last 3 years and am happy with them..

I have great parents and 3 siblings, 2 sisters and a brother.. I am the eldest.  I have no idea how my mom was able to raise us this close and this loving.. its very rare that we argue or fight and we have great respect to each other…. I wish that if someday I had children I will be able to raise them the way my mom did..

I have to admit that sometimes I am a control freak, my younger sister is married with a child and she never argues with me… even my dad fears me a little bit J.. I also think I am too protective especially to my siblings and parents.. I know I should be but I think I over do it.. I can be very forgiving if someone hurt me or treated me wrong but I go crazy if anyone scratched one of my siblings.. I guess I have that from being a Leo J

So with all that said, now I can explain to you more the reason I think that I felt like starting my own blog.. People think I am emotionless, I am strong, have good judgment, can get over anything anytime , I care about nothing, and that they can get back to me whenever they feel like it..

I am a person that learned to hide her feelings.. And I think it became a habit.. even when I think Ithat I found someone that I can exchange my feelings with I block.. I show no feelings what so ever.. So I am having this blog to write more about me and to try to talk more about my feelings and maybe make some new friends online 🙂

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