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Blackberry… Funny

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Bath Bayakha

I have to admit these people are very creative.. enjoy

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Although I know that homosexuality is banned in most religions if not all, I am not going to go there but instead I would like to talk about my observations.

10 years ago I didnt even know what gay or lesbian mean. we never heard of it and our parents definitely never talked about it and never thought they should. And even if we did know what it means we didnt know ANYONE who is, not a person in our life or even a celebrity.  Nowadays, its everywhere.. I dont know when or how it started but its more or less ok now.

You hear of celebrities coming out, you see  them in most series, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Greek.. they are also making movies based on it like Brokeback Mountain, Milk, and I am sure much more.. They are trying their best to wash our brains and push us to accept them.. the first time I saw a couple of guys kissing on TV I almost vomited, the second time way easier and so on, so now I definitely do not accept them but I am not as disgusted as I was, it became a normal thing to see..

I remember once reading a blog written by a gay guy in Irbid..  I couldnt believe it, he was writing about his feelings and the first time he had sex with a guy.. I almost fainted.. but what drove me crazy is when he started writing about when his parents found out and how he wanted someone to help him find a way to make them accept him.. I wrote him like pages of harsh comments that he had to block me.. you might accept watching it on TV but you never or at least I never thought that it could be in our country or that I might know people who are.. and yes now I do know a couple of gay guys in my life.. and I am not proud of it..

What makes it so wrong is that usually one of the guys turn into a girl, he would act like a girl and look like a girl you cant miss it.. the fact that people from the same sex cant have children should let them think, in addition to all the sickness and aids that it causes. Well if I really think about it, I might understand having feelings, I emphasize on  might… Ya3ni a person could love his dog so, his cat, a character on TV, so feelings can grow for something weird but I dont get the physical thing, I mean the other person just look like you some how and have exactly what you have, so how can you be attracted to that?

So many say that its not something that you choose and its genetic, I dont believe that. God would never make you in way and then punish you for it.. its all you..  but at the end all I wish for is that it wont happen for someone that I care about, because I definitely wont know what to say or do.. Amen..




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