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Ken Leeeeee

Oh my God this is sooo funny… enjoy..  

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10 random things- tag

I have been tagged by sara, I am excited this the first time anyone tag me.. thanks Sara 🙂

The rules are:

“Post 10 random things about yourself,

choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person

Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it

You cant tag the person who tagged you

As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted”

Here goes nothing:

1. I hate talking about my self, therfore I am going to compare myself to some of  sara’s points (I hope its ok with her) 🙂

2. I hate kids except my niece, I am madly in love with her..  

3. I never talk to strangers, I am known for not being a friendly person..

4. It takes me A LOT of time to get used to people but when I let them in I do get too attached to them..

5.  I dont have mood swings but I am an extremest, meaning when I am happy you can easily tell and when I am mad you can easily tell as well…

6. I hate lying as well, I hate being lied to and I hate to lie, but I always tell the truth to the extend that it might hurt people, and I think I dont lie because i simply dont feel that anyone deserves to lie to or for..

7. I am over protective, I think me being a Leo makes me protect the people close to me like my cubs.

8. I can be very mean..

9. My sister burnt down our house to the ground when she was 5 and blamed my 2 year old brother..  

10. I dont believe in love.. I have been in relationships and I like watching romantic movies but I just dont believe in it..

And now I am tagging:

Dima: because I really enjoy reading her blog although i rarely comment 🙂

Mai: Because she is one of the sweetest people i met online..

3ammania: I believe she needs to be more involved in this sphere 🙂

Dino: because I enjoy her chartoons and because she is sick so maybe this will take her mind of her sickness 🙂

7aki fadi: I enjoy reading her blog a lot..

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I dont like to write anything about politics but I found this joke very funny: 

Little Johnny goes to his dad and asks, “What is politics?”
Dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way,

I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me Capitalism.

Mommy is the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. 

We’re here to take care of your needs, so we’ll call you The People.

The nanny, well, consider her The Working Class.

Your baby brother, we’ll call him The Future.

Now go think about this and see if it makes sense.”

So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said. Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying and runs to his room only to find that his diapers are very soiled. So the little boy goes to his parents’ room, mom is sound asleep, not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room, finding the door locked, he looks through the peephole and sees his father in bed with the nanny, he gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy says to his father, “Dad, I think I understand what politics is now.”

“Good son, tell me in your own words then what politics are.”

The little boy replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit 

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I am sorry I did not blog about Jordan yesterday but I was afraid what I wanted to say would ruin the day… Please don’t get me wrong its not that I don’t like Jordan, I love Jordan, and nothing makes me prouder than being a Jordanian. I would never trade my nationality for anything and I would get furious if anyone bad mouthed it.

Despite all that I have to admit that the situation in Jordan nowadays saddens me..

The poverty is saddening me, the raise in everything’s prices is saddening me, the raise of the crime rate is saddening me, even the traffic is saddening me..


Since when do people throw their kids in garbage containers?

Since when does a brother kill his brother for raping his own sister?

Since when does a girl kill all her family members for 30 Jds?

Since when do we accept prostitution?

Since when do we accept Jordanian Gays Blogs?

Since when do we accept seeing our youngsters every Monday and Thursday night drunk in bars?

Since when do we hear about raising the tomatoes and eggs prices? Eggs people!!

Since when is Jordan filled with such amount of fraud cases?  

Since when do you see such amount of beggars at the traffic lights?

Since when does a sentence that says “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” describes our beloved country Jordan?

Since when do we evaluate people by how much money do they have?

Since when do neighbors do not know each other?

Since when do we hear of four number digits salaries against 2 digits salaries?

Since when do our children compete about who’s dad has more money?

Since when do our children have their own mobiles?

Since when do Jordanians pay more than 80 Million Jds a year on mobiles and bills?

Since when do we stand on the same traffic light for more than 3 times?

Since when does the road to anywhere in Amman takes you more than 25 minutes?

Since when does Jordan get bombed?

Since when do we get checked when entering a mall or a hotel?

Since when does with every new assigned prime minister comes a petroleum raise?

Since when do we have 3 people dying everyday from car accidents?

Since when are we rated the most expensive Arab country?

Since when do we not care?


I love you Jordan, I love you so much, but you are making me sad…  


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I have received this email with an article about Iraqi poeple in Jordan, I hope you enjoy it

 بقلم: ماهر أبو طير جريدة الدستور الاردنية

روى لي احدهم ان ابنه عاد من المدرسة ذات يوم ، ليسأل والده..لماذا يقوم طلبة اخرون في المدرسة بشتم الطلبة العراقيين ، واهانتهم لفظيا ، بل ويقال لبعضهم ساعة غضب بين الطلبة…اذهب الى بلدك ، وعد ..الى بلدك ، وكلام قبيح اخر يقال ولا يقال.

من المؤسف جدا ان نبدو نحن بهذه الصورة ، فمن يذهب لشراء شقة ويجدها مرتفعة ، يحمل الشعب العراقي المسؤولية ، ومن يزاحمه قائد سيارة بلوحة عراقية ، يشتمه ويشتم العراق ، ومن يدخل مطعما ولا يجد محلا فيه ، ويجد فيه العراقيين ، يحملهم مسؤولية ما يجري ، وهي لغة جديدة على هذا المجتمع ، حين نسمح نحن بسواد ثقافة انعزالية وثقافة الكراهية تجاه الشعب العراقي…وهي ثقافة تثبت ان بعضنا لا يهمه سوى “بطنه” فان استفاد من العراق شكره ، وان كان مطلوبا منه رحمة العراقي اليوم ، تململ وتذمر ، وكشف سوء نفسه.

ينسى بعضنا في غمرة انفعالاته الكاذبة ، ما قدمه العراق لهذا البلد ، ذات يوم ، وكأن هناك من يريد تربية الناس على ثقافة ان يأخذ وحين يأتي دوره في العطاء يكه ويتملص ويصبح جاحدا ، فالعراق قدم للاردن عشرات المليارات ، ان لم يكن اكثر ، هل نسينا كل المنح النفطية ، وتدفئة اولادنا ، وطبيخ بيوتنا ، وشوارعنا والبنى التحتية ودعم الموازنة ، ونفط سياراتنا ، وكل حياة الرفاه التي تسبب بها دعم العراق لنا ، على الصعيد الرسمي وعلى صعيد القطاع الخاص ، الذي انتعش على مدى عشرات السنين بسبب العراق ، وما زالت بعض قطاعاته منتعشة بسبب العراق.

اليوم يأتي من تخرج الحموضة الكريهة من فمه ، من يتكلم وفي بطنه بئر قذرة ، لا يسحب منها الا ماء آسنا ضد اهلنا العراقيين ، في الاردن ، يريدون تحميلهم مسؤولية هذا الغلاء وهذه الحياة ، على الرغم من ان العراقيين يعيشون اصلا في بلدهم وهذا حق لهم ، باقامة ودون اقامة ، هذا قليل مما يستحقون ، حين وقفوا معنا طوال عقود ، وحين علمت جامعاتهم عشرات الاف الاردنيين ، مجانا ، وحين يأتي من ينسى كل هذا ، ويريد الاساءة للشعب العراقي ، ولاي عراقي يقيم في الاردن تحت اي عنوان كان…وهي قلة من الاردنيين تفعل ذلك ، فالشعب الاردني شعب شهم وكريم وصاحب اصالة ، ولا تمس قيمه هذه “العنترات من ضعاف النفوس والمرضى ، تحت اي تبرير كان.

حزنت بشدة لاجل الاطفال العراقيين في المدارس حين يتم جرحهم بهذه الطريقة ، فلولا التربية المنحطة لاهالي بعض الطلبة ، لما سمع هؤلاء هذا الكلام الفاسد في البيوت ونقلوه الى المدارس ، وهي تربية ستؤدي الى نقل الكراهية حتى بين ابناء البيت الواحد ، حين لا يتم افهام كثيرين بأن العراق هو صاحب الاولى ، وانه قدم لنا الكثير ، فلا ضير لو احتملنا ، اي كلف مالية او معنوية ، فما هي هذه الطبيعة البشرية للبعض التي تقترب من حدود الطبيعة الحيوانية ، حين يريد الاخذ من غيره ، وحين يأتي دوره في اي عطاء ، يريد ادارة ظهره ، بل ومس العراقيين في الاردن.

لا عليكم يا اهل العراق ، انتم في بلدكم وبين اهلكم ، فاذا جرح احدكم جاهل او مريض او متخلف ، فاعلموا انكم منا ونحن منكم ، وان مقابل كل صاحب نفس مريضة هناك نفوس خيرة ، وان هذا الزمن الذي بات صعبا عليكم لا بد ان ينتهي ، وعندها ستذكرون بالم ذكريات المهاجر ، وكيف عاملكم الناس ، حين لم ينصفكم البعض في ساعة ضعف او ضيق ، ..لا عليكم يا اهل العراق ، فمن يجرحكم هو ايضا ليس منا ، ولا يمثل الاردنيين ، باي حال من الاحوال ، فالشعب الاردني فيه خي ومروءة لا تسمح بسريان هذه المفردات وهذه الثقافة الانعزالية التي يرفضها رب العالمين.

سلام عليك ايها العراق ، وسلام عليك يا بغداد والبصرة والموصل ، وكل المدن المبتلاة ، حتى يقضي الله امرا كان مفعولا.

لا يريد العراقيون منا شيئا ، فقط سددوا جزءا من دينهم الذي في اعناقنا اساسا ، اذا كان لدى البعض.. بعض وفاء.

عن جريدة الدستور الاردنية الصادرة يوم 1\3\2008


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Jordan went through a lot of changes for the last several years.. I remember the time when the longest destination took us maximum 15 minutes by car and when 7 cars at a traffic light was considered traffic.. I remember when the tallest building was 3amaret il Burj and when streets were almost empty at 11:00 pm.. I remember when 12 Jds would fill my 1.6 cc VW car and people with salaries ranging between 1200- 1500 Jds were considered lucky… 

Everything has changed since..  buildings are competing to gain the title of the highest in Jordan, a person should estimate a 30 to 35 minutes time to reach his destination, and stopping at the traffic light for less than 4 times is considered a blessing..   And what about the salaries? I guess the saying that says the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is true.. I am hearing salaries with 4 ( not less than 5000 Jds) and five digits!! Why? What are they doing? Byikhtir3o il tharra? 

But did this evolution and these crazy salaries increase the professionalism in Jordan? Not at all.. I guess on the contrary it showed our flows.. it showed that we are not only not ready financially but also professionally..

My line of work made me work with a lot of the new local and regional well-known “professional” companies and let me tell you they are not where near that..

I don’t see what’s wrong with calling back the people who left you a message, are you that busy to call back or reply to an email? It does not degrade you but if you feel that is does, hire yourself a secretary who would do that for you.. I remember when I used to work in Dubai, I used to call people on their landline and they would call back saying they got a missed call on their caller ID, and I am talking about high level people..

We once contacted a company for sponsorship and they were very excited to the extend that they wanted to become partners, but after our meeting I kept calling and calling and they kept ignoring me as if 3am bash7ad minhom and I finally reached her I told her “sho inseetoona” can you imagine what her reply was? “I was hoping into inseetoona”…. What the hell? If you don’t want to sponsor just say it I wont get hurt, its not personal, just stop wasting my time and yours.. If you are interested say it if not also say it, keeping people hanging doesnot make you more important, on the contrary, it makes you less professional..

I have people who approached us asking for urgent meetings and then begging us to help their marketing or PR departments get on track ASAP of course.  But after long hours of research and preparing presentations and scope of work, they disappear, and pretend as if we are haunting them..

And of course don’t let me start on deadlines.. they just isn’t any. They do not respect time what so ever..

I remember having a meeting with one of our Clients to present him with our strategy that we worked on for 3 months, he of course came in late, and wasted half an hour talking on the mobile with his wife about using his credit card to buy groceries, in the middle of the MEETING!!!

 I have a lot of regional friends who were allocated here in Jordan for several years projects, they are suffering, they have been to a lot of countries but have never seen anything worse than here..  

Its sad, I am a very proud Jordanian, but when I hear something like that I get sad because I cannot deny it…  

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