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Quick Jokes

Joke 1:

A dying granny was talking to her grand daughter:
“I may die any moment so I want you to inherit my farm including the villa, the tractor, the farmhouse & all the livestock.

Wow said the granddaughter:
Thanks granny, I didn’t know you even had a farm & all this wealth! Where is it??

Grandma replies: on ‘Facebook’


Joke 2:

Behind every great man……..

One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn’t too luxurious. When they were seated, the owner of the restaurant asked the President’s secret service if he could please speak to the First Lady in private. They obliged and Michelle had a conversation with the owner. Following this conversation President Obama asked Michelle “Why was he so interested in talking to you?” She mentioned that in her teenage years, he had been madly in love with her. President Obama then said, “So if you had married him, you would now be the owner of this lovely restaurant”, to which Michelle responded, “No, if I had married him, he would now be President”.

Go, girl!




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Elections Deja Vu

Correct me if I am wrong but dont you think that these elcetions are EXACTLY the same as the one before??!! when I look at the posters in the streets it feels like the last elections all over again..

If you have been following my blog you would know that I am not a political person, I do not undersatnd a thing about it, and I really dont like to share with all the crap that people discuss and analyze. I dont even vote.. never did and I dont think I ever will.. but I have to admit i have some interest in observing the banners and posters in the streets.

I have been monitoring the new pictures and names in the streets and I could sware they are all exactly the same as last time, same pictures, same names, same smiles.. but to be honest I cant remember if its the same slogans.. I have to say that the only thing that I realized was different is that Najati Al Shakhsheer stopped using his father’s name “7ayati”.. dont ask me why but his name got stuck in my head for a while.. Najati 7ayati Al Shakhsheer!!!

I dont know if they succeeded the last time or not, but arent there any new people? were they that successful to think that people will re elect them?… also what about all the money that they are thowing away.. twice..

People say that they all do this for the title and some kind of privileges.. again I am not the person to judge since I know nothing about this matter but for some reason I felt that I need to write about it..



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