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I had a very interesting meeting the other day with a sales manager representing a research company that offers day to day, weekly, monthly, or annual research reports.. It has great softwares were all you need to do is enter some information and a report pops up immediately with the information you need covering the field that you are interested in..  they monitor things with such high tech equipment I have to say I was very impressed.. 

So the guy was trying to sell me the software and was trying to impress me by using examples that are related to my line of business, therefore I aked for examlpes that cover the media section..

He asked me to give him some information on one of the campaigns that my Client did recently so I started answering his questions:

SM: what is the age of you target?

PN: I have two segments, 16-18 years males and females and over 40 males.

SM: where are the allocated?

PN: West Amman

SM: Are you sure its west Amman or “Upper” West Amman?


SM: You know West Amman does not only include Abdoun or Jabal Amman it also includes Al Madineh Al Riyadiyeh and Jabal Al Hussein..

PN: I know that, and my target is WEST AMMAN..

SM: you know that you and a lot of people consider them selves Jordanians why your life style is closer to Dubai that Jordan..

PN (starting to get mad): please explain what you mean..

SM: the average Jordanian has an income that is equal to or less than 500 Jds, drives a Kia, and listens to Nakshet Mukh (the radio program on Mazaj FM)

PN: yes my income is more than that and I do not drive a Kia but I love Nakshet Mukh

SM: Ok let me give you another example.. I am sure that you follow up on Britney Spears or Paris Hilton’s news and know all the gossip about them and yet know nothing about what is going on in Jordan.. Do you know who Husni Abu Ghaida is?

PN: Yes, he is the Chief Commissioner of ASEZA (Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority)

SM: !!!!

(I think he noticed that I was getting offended so he immediately dropped the subject)

The fact that I was fasting made me calmer and held me back from kicking his ***..  If I do live in “Upper” West Amman and not in “the other” West Amman or East Amman that does not mean that I am not a Jordanian, that does not mean that I live in a world of my own, that does not mean that I dont suffer from what “the rest” of the people suffer from or know the troubles and miseries that they go through..

Yes I am affected by the rising price of the fuel, yes I am affected by the rising price of the fruits and vegetables and milk.. yes my salary disappears by the middle of the month and yes I have loans on my car for the next 5 years..

If I dont live in the neighborhood of the “Rest” of the Jordanians that does not mean I dont know or I dont get affected.. the location of my house does not determine whether I am a Jordanian or not and neither do you..

And what the hell does Husni Abu Ghaida have to do with it??!! I mean did he become the representater of the “lower” people and me being the from the “upper” people did not know about it??!!!

I just hate it when people treate me as an “Upper” West Amman dumb blonde !!!

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I have always heard that people cannot explain their feelings towards their children.. I do not have children of my own but this is how I feel towards my beautiful little niece..

I cant believe I can love someone as much as I love her.. When she runs towards me calling my name and giving me a hug I feel that this is the utmost happiness..

I am a person that LOVES sleeping.. on my weekends I never wakeup before 2:00 pm unless I have something urgent to do.. no one dares to call or visit me early in the morning, so you can imagine their shock when they found out that on the weekends of my niece’s visits I wake up at 07:30 or 08:00 am!!

The other weekend she was visiting and came to my bed waking me up saying “N”.. “Banneee”.. of course I never thought that i will ever wake up at 07:30 in the morning to watch Barnie and yet I jumped out of my bed, put on the DVD and started signing and dancing with “Banneee”..

She came up with this new game called pa2a and here is how it goes… she open’s my brother’s closet, stuffs me (yes me, the 29 year old) inside it, closes the door and then pretend that she is trying to find me.. you should see her face when I come out of the closet trying to scare her as if she didnt not know that I was there.. it is hilarious..

Of course when my brother found out that we play pa2a in his closet he got mad.. I told him that she hates my closet because its too full with bags and shoes we do not fit, especially when she decides to join me inside and ask my mother to look for us 🙂 the funniest part was when I woke up the next morning and cought my brother inside his closet playing pa2a… we both couldnt stop laughing.. she woke him up telling him “pa2a” and he couldnt say no..

Another funny thing is when we took her to Jungle Bungle… apparently she was too young (1.5 years) to play so I had to go in with her.. can you imagine me trying to walk through the pool of colored balls, and ducking to fit in the small holes, going up the ladders and finally sliding down the long blue slide with my niece in my lap???… my sister took pictures of me and wants to black mail me with them 🙂

I found out that you can happily go out of your way for the person that you love, and sometime waaay out 🙂

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